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Prince Avenue Academy & Nursery

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

Prince Avenue Academy and Nursery is proud to be part of South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT) which is a family of eight schools working together to raise and sustain educational standards for almost 4,000 young people.

As a family of schools, we improve your child’s education by sharing ideas, resources and expertise with each other.

Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) are education charities that run schools to give children a better future.

Like any other state school, our schools are free to attend, we’re inspected in the same way, and children take the same tests and exams.

Academy Trusts are not businesses – nor are they run by ‘private’ people. Sponsors, Trustees and/or Members cannot make profits.

SEEAT was incorporated in February 2011, the founding school being Westcliff High School for Girls.

The Trust Leader of SEEAT is Andrew Cooper, an education veteran with a strong track record of raising standards in schools for 34 years.

To find out more, have a look at our website www.seeat.org 


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