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Prince Avenue Academy & Nursery

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)


The understanding of the world and its processes, physical and human, is as important today as it ever was. Our intent for the subject in our school is to encourage our students to be curious and engage with the world around them and champion the notion of being a ‘global citizen’. On a more local level, we aim to teach the subject through local issues as well as wider-world ones. This allows students to compare their own location to others around the globe.


We are committed to:

  • Supporting an approach to enquiry-based learning in the teaching of geography

  • Linking key geographical processes and human and physical features with strong locational knowledge.

  • Ensuring balance between exploration of places and people.

  • Using different geographical scales: local, national and global.

  • Focusing on securing strong skills to underpin critical thinking.

  • Using fieldwork and outdoor learning to contextualise geographical understanding and to explore different places.

  • Investigating the impact of people on the planet and implications of decisions in the past, present and future.


Prince Avenue pupils will:

  • Appreciate and celebrate how diverse the world is.

  • Be curious about places and people.

  • Be an enquirer, able to investigate and to challenge assumptions.

  • Apply their skills and knowledge to a scenario to answer ’why is it like that?’

  • Be a confident user of maps, data and different digital technologies

  • Play an active role in shaping the world around them

  • Have a strong locational knowledge, a broad general knowledge of the world and a grasp of "landmark numbers"

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