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Prince Avenue Academy & Nursery

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)


We aim to ensure that all students have the ability to use technology fluently, creatively and purposefully.


We are committed to:

  • Passionately sharing the endless possibilities that come with technology.

  • Conveying technology as a fundamental aspect of life now and in the future.

  • Offering students the opportunity to become adept at using a wide range of devices.

  • Ensuring experience and exposure to industry-standard programs and applications

  • Encouraging students to apply the skills and knowledge gained from computing across the curriculum.

  • Connecting the classroom to the real world, innovators and the industry.

  • Championing the power of problem-solving and logic.

  • Making sure that safe and responsible practice is at the heart of our curriculum.


Prince Avenue students will:

  • Appreciate the power of technology to change the world

  • Recognise technology’s ever-changing nature and growth

  • Be skilful, creative, confident and self-sufficient users of a wide range of technologies, selecting the most appropriate program for the task

  • Be prepared for the future, whatever it looks like

  • Be digitally literate, and able to apply their learning to other aspects of the curriculum

  • Apply their knowledge and skills to the real world and to unfamiliar situations

  • Be logical, critical and analytical thinkers who can engineer or reverse-engineer solutions

  • Be safe, considered and responsible users of technology


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