The Partners of Prince Avenue

  • West Cliff High School for Girls

  • Southend Adult Community College

  • Southend Vineyard

  • Choir

  • Yoga

  • Southend High School for Boys

  • Change 4 Life

  • Eastwood Academy

  • Southend United FC

  • Chance to Shine Cricket

  • Southend RFC

  • Chris' Toy Box and Castles

  • Ekco Whitcaps FC

  • Southend Rotary Club

  • Earls Hall Baptist Church

  • Multisport4all

  • Family Action

Westcliff High School for Girls

As part of our trust, our working relationship with WHSG is embedded in our practice and ethos of the school.

Every term, our senior leaders take part in Hub Steering Groups. These are important meetings that steer and guide a strategic vision of the MAT and provide every school the opportunity to share and adopt best practice. The hubs that are running at present are:

  • Headteacher's Steering Group

  • Deputy Headteacher's Steering Group

  • English Hub

  • Maths Hub

  • Science Hub

  • SEND/Inclusion Hub

As well as senior leaders meeting to discuss strategic visions, our teachers share good practice during joint staff meetings. These provide us with great opportunities to improve in the teaching and learning areas of the school.

WHSG Outreach Support

Every week, Maths and English teachers from WHSG provide us with Year 6 outreach support, focusing around greater depth reading and maths. These sessions have provided our pupils with a wonderful opportunity to be taught by grammar school teachers, and as a result this has improved their performance in these areas.

Southend High School for Boys

For over 6 years, we have had an excellent working relationship with SHSB. Every week, Year 10 pupils come in to our schools and provide our pupils with sporting activities, ranging from football, to rugby, to basketball to golf. Our pupils love the sessions and the SHSB pupils act as aspirational role models.

As well as sporting activites, their 6th form pupils visit every Wednesday afternoon as part of their outreach work and work with our pupils in the classroom. They support lessons and listen to readers, again providing opportunities for our pupils to work alongside pupils who aspire to be the best they can be in education.

This year our partnership has evolved to supporting Year 5 pupils with opporunities to be taught by a member of SHSB's senior teachers. Every two weeks, we are visited by Mr Brandon who delivers engaging lessons around four key areas:

  • Cultural Capital (the world around us)

  • English (The Journey to greater depth in creative writing)

  • Maths ( Mastery essentials to reach greater depth in maths)

  • Sport and exercise (Healthy body = healthy mind)

Southend Adult Community College (SACC)

Southend Adult Community College are Southend Borough Council’s provider of adult education and provides education and training to more than 2,000 learners a year.We provide Community Learning Courses. This means studying part-time to learn a new skill, improve your wellbeing and explore new ideas and activities. We also offer Community Outreach provision and Family Learning in the college as well as in the local community.

Eastwood Academy

Every week, we send 15 pupils from Year 5 to experience Computer Science at Eastwood Academy. It is delivered by a fuly-qualified secondary school teacher and engages pupils in a detailed area of the curriculum that it can be hard for primary schools to do. Using specialised equipment such as a raspberry pi, pupils are able to code and develop computer programmes.

Chance to Shine - cricket

Every year, we take part in a number of cricket sessions delivered by 'Cricket Kev'-Kevin Grant. Chance to Shine is a wonderful charity that provides free sessions for pupils and we have been fortunate to have recieved these for the past 6-7 years. The culmination of the sessions is a Year 5 festival of cricket, held at Southend on Sea & EMT Cricket Club.

Chris' Toy Box and Castles

We have enjoyed a working relationship with this company for a couple of years. They have supported our PTA and sponsored our football kits. They specialise in toys and equipment for pupils that have SEND and we will be developing this side of the partnership over the coming 12 months.

Earls Hall Baptist Church

Southend Vineyard

Southend United FC

Family Action