Leading Parent Partnership Award

The LPPA is a national award that is providing us

with a valuable school improvement tool and also

provides us recognition for our commitment to

working with parents.

The LPPA will help us achieve the following long-term benefits:

  • contribute to improved pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress

  • increase parent participation and involvement

  • enhance parents’ support in their children’s learning

  • improve communication between home and school

The LPPA consists of nine evidence-based objectives:

If you would like more information please go to www.awardplace.co.uk/award/lppa alternatively contact lppa@princeavenue.co.uk . This is also the address to send any feedback around the LPPA.

You said that things could be better at PAAN if...

  • More communication was available for future families attending the school

  • There were more open days or drop in mornings were held for new starters

  • More signage was readily available outside and in the office

  • I was given more information about what my child is being taught

  • There were workshops to help parents to learn the new ways the children are learning, for example, maths

  • Links to certain education websites that are relevant were available

  • Parents were invited to attend themed days i.e a science, maths, art day

  • There was any sort of homework set up for my child

  • Policy locations were displayed in the school reception area

  • All staff were mentioned. The LSA are as valuable as the class teachers

  • More parents were encouraged to be involved with the school, they should reach a wider audience through more channels

What we did...

  • Provided a step by step letter for September 2020 starters

  • Videos created and shared to show families the school and where to enter and exit

  • One to one external tours provided during 20/21 - socially distanced and in line with our Covid-19 RA

  • Investment in new signage across the school with a focus on the main entrance points including easy to read maps.

  • Half term guides sent to parents/carers directly and posted on the school website

  • Sharing of learning ‘next week’ or a round up of the previous weeks learning on Dojo

  • Timetables posted on Dojo during lockdown

  • Teacher input videos to support learning during lockdown

  • Remote Subject sessions led by Assistant Head Teachers

  • Read Write Inc delivery for new starters in Reception

  • Read Write Inc videos on www.princeavenue.co.uk

  • Planned workshops for all subjects in Sep 2021 to be in school and face to face

  • Links to all platforms used within PAAN now provided on our website and promoted via Dojo.

  • Year 2, Reception and Year 4 held events for parents to attend before March 2020

  • Plans to reintroduce when school fully reopened to all

  • Investment in Times Table Rockstars, Spelling Shed and MyOn & Accelerated Reader for children to complete homework online

  • Where a child does not have internet access, they can access the platforms in school time

  • Copies of policies are on the school website and available on request at Reception if printing required.

  • All staff are now visible on the school website.

  • School Facebook, PTA Facebook, now managed by our Media Manager

  • Reignited PTA

  • Parents invited to share videos of home learning and reading via Tapestry and Dojo