Boredom Busters

This page is jam packed with activities to keep the boredom at bay. It is being adding to all the time so keep checking in for fun things to have a go at. Try to do something you've never tried before - you never know, you might like it!

We've tried to add as many activities as we can that use things you might already have in the house so don't worry about buying lots of new equipment.

If you try something out and want to share it with us we'd love to see it. Also, if you have a favourite activity you'd like to share with the school community send it in so we can add it to the list.

Send in your suggestions and your pictures using the form at the bottom of the page or click the button.


Physical or outdoor activities

  • Make and fly a simple kite

  • Cosmic kids yoga

  • Joe Wicks PE lessons

  • Obviously we cannot forget Mr D's challenges - I bet there are many of you out there that can give him a run for his money!

  • Fitness competition - who can do the most sit ups? Longest plank? Challenge family and friend over an online platform

  • Make an obstacle course - you could even do it inside on a rainy day.

  • Play balloon volleyball or tennis - you could make rackets from paper plates and straws

  • Family Olympics - This link will take you to a great site with lots of ideas for events. You could even have an opening ceremony. Why not video call friends and family and get them involved too?

Lego based activities

  • Build the tallest Lego tower - maybe build on a piece of card and see if it can withstand an 'earthquake'

  • Build a Lego bridge - how strong can you make it? Set rules about how far it needs to stretch , how tall it needs to be or what it needs to carry.

  • Make balloon powered Lego cars - follow a plan online or just get building and see where it takes you.

  • Lego marble maze - it could even be a hidden one by putting another base plate over the top.

  • What about the longest Lego zip line you can build - can you get a mini figure down the zip line safely?

Online activities and safety

Kitchen/messy fun

  • Pretend you are on the Bake Off and have a go at baking. It could be simple cup cakes or a fabulous showstopper! There's so much maths involved in baking just talking about the measurements and timings can help children develop their skills without them even realising. Use what ever you have at hand, old bananas make the best banana bread.

  • Make your own pizza - you could make the base from scratch (with or without yeast) or keep it simple with pitta bread bases. What toppings are your favourites?

  • Making slime - there are a lot of slime recipes out there and many ask for ingredients we don't have in the UK. This recipe uses things available in the supermarket, just make sure little hands are washed after handling it.

  • Try making bubble solutions with different ingredients - which one creates the biggest or most bubbles?

  • Bubble painting - beware this can get pretty messy!

Arty and creative ideas

  • Shadow drawing - place toys or other items on the window sill with the sun shining on them and draw around their shadows. How is the shape different to the shape of the object? Is this different at different times of day?

  • Follow an art tutorial - Draw with Rob

  • Learn to knit - you don’t even need needles and wool. You could try finger knitting and turn an old t shirt into yarn

  • Create your own superhero - what would their superpowers be? You could design or even make your own costume

  • Make puffy paint - make paint a little more interesting by adding texture to your paints

  • Draw on the ground with chalk - no clearing up with this one, let the rain do the work for you

  • Create an inspiring window display to create some cheer when people walk past your house on their daily exercise

Science and engineering ideas

  • Balloon rockets - how far can you make it go? What would make it faster or travel further?

  • Straw rockets - does the length of the wings or how hard you blow make a difference to how far it can travel?

  • Paper planes - This website has lots of different designs to try. Which one is the most acrobatic or can fly the furthest?

  • Make an epic marble run - You don’t need anything fancy, just use recycling stuff. Can you make the slowest marble run? The longest marble run?

  • Make the tallest tower or strongest bridge out of paper and sticky tape - you could make it a real challenge by limiting the amount of paper and tape you can use

  • Coming soon - join our whole school STEM project in association with BP's Ultimate STEM Challenge. Keep an eye on Dojo or here for more information.

Just for fun

  • Cardboard tube projectors - experiment with shapes and shadows or tell a story using your projectors

  • Minute to win it games - there are too many to list here so have a search online for these games and choose a few to have a go at

  • Have a home spa day - give each other a bit of a pamper, manicure, face mask, even a pedicure if you’re brave enough to touch someone else's feet!

  • Flashlight tag - with the dark evenings it’s perfect for playing flashlight tag. A cross between hide and seek and tag played in the dark. Anyone caught in the torch beam is out - last one standing wins.

  • Make a domino run - you don’t even need dominoes, you can use pieces of cardboard (playing card sized) and give them a little bend so they stand up but fall over easily.

  • Scavenger hunt - you could do this inside or outside and make it as easy (e.g. find something red) or as tricky (write out cryptic clues) as you like

  • Cardboard marble maze - use a box base and build the walls of the maze with card for the marble to find its way through

  • Recycling zip line - can you get an egg to travel down the zip line without breaking? You might want to boil it first but it’s more fun if there’s the risk of an eggy disaster

  • Make musical instruments - can you make yourself a one man band?

Things to do as a family or with your pet

  • Make an escape room - just don’t really lock them in!

  • Teach your dog (or your cat - if you have the patience) a new trick. Even old dogs can learn new tricks!

  • Share old photographs with your children - talk about happy childhood memories, laugh at old fashions, talk about how different things were when you were young (you may even remember cassette tapes like me!)

  • Have a family sleepover in the living room - a family favourite in our house - hotdogs, popcorn and a movie snuggled together under all the duvets in the house. Great in the cold weather.

  • Create a code and write each other hidden messages - you could even send them to friends and family.

  • Play bingo - great for young ones to learn numbers or change it up and make bingo cards for your favourite movie - find example or link

  • Have a tea party - pretend you’re having tea with the Queen if you like

  • Build a fort with blankets and cushions

  • Put on a family circus - what acts could everyone do?

  • Have a family fashion show - you could make your own fashion from household objects

  • Dress up for a fancy dinner - wear your best outfit and pretend you’re in the best restaurant

Story time

  • The ‘Julia Donaldson and Friends Broadcast’ shares her stories in different formats. Watch via facebook on the Julia Donaldson and Friends episodes on the official ‘Guffalo’ page on facebook every Thursday at 4pm.

  • Use your myOn login details (years 2-6) to instantly access hundreds of books suitable for your child's reading level.

  • Access the Oak National Academy virtual library and get to know a new author each week - week one is Jacqueline Wilson, the author of the Tracy Beaker books.

  • Join Mr Clement for the Daily Dose of Reading on Google Classroom - details on Dojo

  • And don't forget our very own Prince Avenue staff reading their favourite stories to you on the Learning at Home page.

Recipes you might like to try

Banana bread

Basic biscuits - Try adding raisins or chocolate chips to jazz them up.

Basic cake mix - You could decorate it with icing, chocolate or sweets. Maybe create a picture in icing that links to your home learning topic or says thank you to the NHS or someone special to you.

Cheese scones - If you don't have a sweet tooth you could try some savoury recipes.

Mug cakes - These are great if you want to have a go at cakes but don't have cake tins. There are lots of different flavours and recipes you can try. It cuts down on the washing up too.

Easy 3 ingredient banana cookies - Use up the bananas that no-one wants to eat with this super simple recipe